About us

Hello and Welcome!

We are small hobby kennel located in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Borzoi have been in our family since 2005 and we can not see ourselves ever being without one.

We go out, play, work and even sleep all together .

Quite simply, our dogs are members of our family.


And finally our dream came true 2016.09.02 born our very first borzoi litter!

Palestra gave us 8 healthy and beautiful puppies: 4 girls and 4 boys.

One of the girls found special place in our hearts and stayed with us.

It`s Ivory Chan Rubidis. Other 7 already have their loving families too ❤


2016 one more crazy member joined our family czechoslovakian wolfdog : Gilė Gintaro Akys. 

2018.05.26  were born  10 more beauties (7boys and 3girls) . SOME OF THEM ARE STILL AVAILABLE!

We look forward for the future adventures with our Squad.


We love to talk about dogs so feel free to contact us!


Our kennel RUBIDIS is registered LKD/FCI since 2011 year.

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